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With all the online methods available today for connecting with customers and prospects, you may wonder if you really need a business card in Las Vegas. This is a fair question and one that is definitely worth considering. After all, why go to all the time, trouble and expense of designing, contacting a printer, ordering from a local printer, and then purchasing business cards if they will only sit there in the box while you make quicker, easier connections via social media and other online methods.

Here are four good reasons why your Las Vegas business needs business cards in a social world:

1. Meeting in person can help you begin building a solid business relationship.
Whenever possible, getting together with your prospect is one of the best ways to begin creating a trusting business relationship. Never underestimate the power of looking the other person in the eye, offering a firm handshake, and letting your personal charisma, body language and personality communicate the subtle messages that online communications can not. This is one way you can impress your prospect and speed yourself on your way to building a mutually beneficial business connection. During or after this personal meeting, handing your potential customer or client your business card will only add another layer of believability to your personal presentation.

2. Your business card helps you present a more professional image.
Let us face it. There are many amateurs who are attempting to pass themselves off as experts in todays business world. These days, literally anyone can go online and build a persona that may not be entirely accurate. In fact, it may actually be entirely false. Whatever your field or industry, building a professional image is critical to your success. A business card can help you do just that by letting people see that your polished presentation makes it far more likely that there is real substance to the image you convey.

3. Business cards give you greater credibility.
One key part of the perception you build by handing your prospect, customer, colleague or potential associate an actual business card is the perception of credibility. Again, it is the difference between potentially dealing with an inexperienced, unskilled individual who has simply decided to claim expertise while hiding behind a computer monitor and a real professional who takes the relationship one step further. Which person would you tend to trust more? That said, great business relationships can be forged online, but doing so takes time — time spent getting to know the person, their work, their dependability and so forth. And while a business card certainly will not trump irresponsibility and lack of follow-through, it can help you get off on the right foot, as long as you are ready to back it up by delivering the goods when the time comes.

4. A business card will not get lost in the online noise.
How many times have you been totally overwhelmed by social media posts, e-mails, and other methods of online communication? The internet is a noisy place — a place where it is easy to catch a serious case of information overload. So many businesses and professionals — both credible and otherwise — vie for our attention each day that it can be difficult to decide which we would like to investigate further. A business card provides something solid that your prospect can hold in his or her hand and keep nearby as a visual reminder of your interaction — a reminder that is still around after the PC has been powered down or the mobile device set at rest at the end of a busy day.

Both physically and psychologically, a business card can work wonders for your Las Vegas based business. Not to mention the many conventions and other type of venues where business cards can be extremely successful… It can enhance your professional image, build your credibility, and increase your likelihood of creating a solid business relationship with a new prospect. It can also boost your ability to attract attention in an online world that is glutted with the voices of your competitors, all of whom are talking at your prospect at the same time.

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