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If you need business cards to take to a convention in Las Vegas, they must attract attention. Your card has to tell who you are and what you do. But it has to do much more. It has to make an impression on everyone you give it to and help to make you memorable. There are a number of ways your card can do that. You can use a card with attention grabbing colors, a unique shape, written with a powerful font, include a catchy company name or phrase, or be made out of a material that will get it noticed. Your business card to be handed out at a Las Vegas convention will be even more effective if it combines two or more of those elements.

Attention Grabbing Colors
There is a scientific basis for the use of particular colors. Colors move people to think and act in certain ways. More directly, colors attract attention and that's what you want your business card to do when you attend a convention in Las Vegas. Some people may opt for a bright red or neon green card. Others may feel having two jarring colors on the business card will make it more impactful. There are several options available to you. Your printer can also help you with your choice of colors to be used on your card. You can benefit from their experience.

Unique Shapes
Most people opt for the standard rectangular business card. They are the most common. But if you are heading to Las Vegas to a convention and want to make yourself stand out, it might help if you think outside the box. Having a business card with a unique shape is definitely an attention grabber. If you are a shoe salesman and you hand out shoe shaped business cards, that could create a little buzz and garner you some added attention. People may come up to you and ask for one of your cards. This will make you and your business more memorable. Ask your printer what shapes is possible.

Powerful Font
If you've ever had to squint to decipher what was written on a business card and ended up just throwing it away, you a familiar with the power of the right font. It is important the information on your business card is clear and easy to read. A fancy font might look interesting, but if people have trouble reading it you've wasted your money. Your business card should make it easy for people to see your company's name, your name, and your contact information. Your printer can help you choose a font that does just that.

Funny Name Or Catch Phrases
When you give your business card to someone at a crowded Las Vegas convention, you want your card to grab their attention. Having a funny business name like The Lock Doc, or Bottoms Up Diapers, can help. Even if your company has a staid, traditional name, having a cute or shocking catch phrase can help. Spend a little time thinking of a short, witty phase you can put on your card. If your card makes people laugh, they are more likely to keep it.

Before you head to that convention in Las Vegas, try to create a business card that makes a lasting impression.

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